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Stabilizer Bar Link Kit

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Our Price: $29.70

Part number: XCP-SL35015
Category: Steering/Suspension
Application note 1: | QPV:2
Application note 2: Brand Name: XCP - Part Ships Within 24HRS - Comes with a 1 year warranty
Part Description: Stabilizer Bar Link Kit
Postition: Front
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Customer Reviews

Bad service - sells items they don't have
by Rusty

"Ordered a part from their online store that they didn't not have ($200+). a week past and no one contacted me to tell me. tried to call but no one answers and the voice mail is full. got an online..."

Ford f150 2000‏
by Francois

"I got the delivery at about 3.30 p.m and its all good. thank you very
much for your patience and promt service. the mechanic is puttting them
on today and i hope it fits to a tee as..."

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