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See what people are saying about our service

8 November 2014 2:40 am by Gerard Evaluation: 10 / 10

One stop shop for your car!

Awesome place with friendly staff. anything you need for your car, they have it in stock. if not, they can get it for you no problem!
22 September 2014 8:48 pm by David Evaluation: 10 / 10

Parts support

I had a great experience using the online chat that was readily available to me from the get go, i think it is amazing you offer that service for people like myself who don't really know what to look for. please keep on providing it, it'll set you apart from your competition!
31 October 2013 10:40 am by Mike Evaluation: 9 / 10

Auto parts

Got my parts this morning, looking forward to installing them. thnks
10 October 2013 1:25 pm by Marctremblay Evaluation: 8 / 10

Kit de frein 2009 civic

J'aimerai remercier les gars chez mtl qui mon aider a trouver les pièces meilleur pieces pour ma civic. j'ai commande un kit de friens driller, et je tres content! la livraison a prit quelque jour mais c'etait l'erreur de canada post. merci!
7 October 2013 9:18 am by Marry Evaluation: 10 / 10

Toyota shocks

Thanks for the great price on my shocks, just had them installed!