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See what people are saying about our service

7 November 2016 10:19 pm by Pascal Evaluation: 1 / 10

Bad sellers

Never try to join them, if you can they will tell you bullshit!
order my parts 1 month ago and never received it.
3 October 2016 7:00 pm by Blaise Evaluation: / 10

Over priced

For a power window motor for a 2007 saturn ion they want over $150.00 for a remanufactured part. same part everywhere else $67.00.
just on that i wouldn't even consider buying anything from this site. canadian or not.
14 September 2016 8:33 pm by Guillaume Evaluation: / 10

Never seen as bad

Ordered mercedes parts.
waited 4 weeks. never received any tracking number. they never returned my calls or e-mail. never seen my parts!
9 September 2016 9:41 am by Matthew Evaluation: 1 / 10

Honda parts

Provided make,model, year, serial#,etc. and ordered brake parts from this company. they sent the wrong pads and then they would not respond to any of my emails,phone calls,etc. to exchange the parts for the correct ones. i had to spend an additional $78.00 at napa to purchase the correct parts and put my car back together.
i had to submit a paypal claim to get any kind of response from this company and am still trying to get my money back after three (3) months!
1 August 2016 6:18 pm by Claude Evaluation: / 10

Mercedes parts

I paid and i never recieved my pieces, 3 mails and no answer