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See what people are saying about our service

29 March 2018 9:33 am by Ben Evaluation: 10 / 10

Good service

Never had any problems shipped within 2 days thank u very much
31 October 2017 8:43 am by Roger Evaluation: / 10


Je ne comprends pas que ce site soit toujours en opération; ai été remboursé par paypal. merci paypal.
21 October 2017 3:24 pm by Gagnon Evaluation: / 10


Fausse représentation. pas de réponse. ne mettez pas votre carte de crédit ici; danger
24 March 2017 11:53 pm by John Evaluation: / 10

Stay away!

Does not appear to be n business!
26 December 2016 1:36 am by Sia Evaluation: / 10


This seems to be a simple online "store-looking" website, that anyone with a bit of computer knowledge could set up. i speak of experience: without going into too much details. the page headings and setup look like imitations from other sites without the accuracy of a legitimate pro. -you can find errors in the text explaining the company's history. -main page has a section about "hot" items! -on the left you can see another heading claiming to work with some big players in the market as "our brands". (ya sure they all deal with this company directly). but, the most obvious indicator is the prices that are 50 to 100% higher than actual online prices which, explains why most of you people are having a hard time dealing with this probably "one-man-show" company. it's perhaps a single person taking your orders and placing them with real online sellers, waiting to receive them, and re-sending the part to you. takes much longer, you will end up paying much higher to cover the second shipping, and more prone to errors and mishaps in the process. buyer be ware as the saying goes. the higher prices, by the way, cover the shipping expenses as well as the profit this person is making. no auto parts seller can ship any item of any amount for free all the time. even the very big suppliers have a "minimum amount of purchase" for free shipping, otherwise they will be bankrupt in the first month!!!!!!