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Brand description

Gabriel shocks

in 1907, gabriel® invented the original automotive shock absorber – followed by the first hydraulic shock absorber, the first adjustable shock absorber and the first air adjustable shock absorber. as transportation and industrialization expanded throughout the 20th century, so did gabriel.

to this day, we’re still that same innovative, independent american company – building high-performance shocks and struts that cover more than 96% of north american vehicles. gabriel continues to be one of our nation’s most trusted aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers for light- and heavy-duty vehicles and things you might not imagine, like industrial washing machines and car washes. and of course, as the family car and modern transportation has become more advanced, so too has gabriel.

we’re constantly adding to and broadening our line and coverage, while endlessly looking to improve on our already high standards in quality, testing and validation. we’ve expanded our line of readymount™ strut assemblies, and we continue to fit- and ride-test every new light vehicle design – on the specific vehicle application it was designed for and on u.s. roads. of course, that only comes after we’ve engineered and designed the product to tight tolerances and precision specifications like only gabriel does. we’re also still one of the rare companies that offers super-finished chromed piston rods as standard on every shock and strut we make – not just the “premium” ones.

imported brands can rarely say they’ve taken these critical steps. but for us, it’s just one more chapter in a story that’s built on an independent spirit that’s shared by small business owners, service technicians, retailers and do-it-yourselfers across north america. it’s also the right thing to do and it ensures you that every part we make delivers the quality and performance you expect from the company that started the automotive shock absorber industry – the original gabriel.

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by Pascal

"Never try to join them, if you can they will tell you bullshit!
order my parts 1 month ago and never received it."

Best Catalog in MTL!
by Ben

"Best online catalog in Canada, by far the best. The 1st website that doesn't look like all the other websites with all the same options and the same parts with the same brands at the same price..."

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