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Brand description


over 25 years ago a small company in fresno, california had an idea to build the “best performing” lowering suspensions for the chevrolet pickup. fresno had been a haven for lowered vehicles and trucks were in abundance. trucks were being lowered but their suspensions were terrible and not very roadworthy. springs were either replaced with new ones not necessarily meant for the application and even worse they may be cut or heated with a torch at the local muffler shop to give the lowered stance that was cool. the stance looked good but the ride was terrible.


belltech’s design staff had a better idea - why not build a spindle where the wheels are higher but all of the rest of the front end geometry stays the same? in fact that’s just what they did and the drop spindle that launched the sport truck craze in america was born.

to go along with the drop spindle the rest of the truck suspension needed to be addressed also. shackles, hanger kits, lowered coil springs and flip kits soon followed. keeping with the spirit of the “best performing” suspension the belltech staff designed and created these components using superior materials and designs. the result made belltech the most asked for and successful truck suspension brand in the industry.

as time went on more and more enthusiasts joined the sport truck phenomenon. soon ford, dodge and import truck owners wanted to join in on the look and style of belltech equipped vehicles. this started a whole new market of truck owners that could now do something different and up to date for their brand of truck. belltech designed and created suspension components for these applications as well and the company grew accordingly.

with the suspension lowered there was one more factor that needed to be considered. we had to take a look at the suspension dampening system (the shocks). stock shocks worked well with the stock suspension but by changing the ride height the shock geometry was affected. that's when the properly designed. nitro drop shock line was designed. constantly keeping up with the ever challenging sport truck enthusiast belltech took this program a step further with the introduction of the nitro active shock line using monotube technology to further improve ride quality.


belltech’s success in the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s made it possible for the company to grow from a modest beginning, to a larger manufacturing facility with a satellite warehouse and finally in 2003 to the current 115,000+ sq. ft. operation located in sanger, california. the sanger facility has made it possible to expand every aspect of the operation.

additional space for both engineering and r & d are making it possible to create and develop new products more efficiently and timely. some of the results relating to these new transformations are the development of new products like the gm colorado / canyon lowering ball joint and the new line of ford f150 drop spindles.

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