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28 November, 2012 10:08 pm : Videos
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Reducing the cost of brake repairs

We have to face the fact that no matter what, the cost of brake rotors is going to set us back a few dollars. But there are ways to minimize the cost. First, do not buy your car brakes from your local auto dealership. The dealership not only works in a premium markup for their parts, they really hit you for the labour costs. And worse yet, they sometimes combine the part prices into the whole invoice, so you never even see the mark-up you paid. The first aspect to cutting the price of brake rotors is to buy your parts from a reputable retailer, and then have your mechanic do the greasy work. This is a great way to go since you can not only dramatically lower your brake rotors replacement cost, you’ll find there are a lot of brake options out there made just for your specific driving needs. Also, shopping online is a great way to study rotor reviews from other consumers. Now, to bring the cost down even further, you can buy your parts retail and install them yourself. This may sound a lot easier said than done, but that depends on your vehicle. For instance, installing BMW brake rotors is likely a lot more technical than installing Ford F150 brake rotors. But, with the proper tools and some online research, a DIY installation can be done pretty easily. Once you realize how much you’re actually saving on your brake job, you may want to toss in some brake upgrades that you didn’t think you had the cash for. For brake rotors, that means a set of cross drilled rotors, or even cross drilled and slotted rotors both make a huge difference in braking performance and style. So, what do you keep an eye out for in a cost effective brake rotor? Well, most enthusiasts stick with big brands like, Raybestos, EBC brakes, Brembo rotors, DBA rotors, Hawk. Next, make the decision to just do it yourself or have your mechanic do the work



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