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27 November, 2012 9:44 pm : Mtl Auto-Parts
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Trouble shooting problems with front whee; drive axles

Always compare the new shaft with the one before installing as follow:

1. Compress the 2 shafts in order to compare the length, shorter shaft will pup out from the transmission and may be damaged. Longer shafts will cause vibration

The total length should be the same

2. The most important points are the length of the part which goes into the differential, except the points mentioned above.

A clicking noise is coming from the front of the vehicle after you have replaced the front wheel drive axle.

Did you torque down the spindle nut to the proper specification? Improper torque can cause many problems: too tight will cause damage to the front wheel bearing, too loose will enable the spindle nut to come off. If the car was serviced by someone other than yourself, it is possible that it may have been over tightened by them. Damage to the wheel bearing makes a similar sound. If you have changed only one side, the noise could be coming from the opposite side: when you make a turn to any side the noise will come always from the damaged side.

The driveshaft is coming out from the transmission

Inspect the end of the driveshaft to see if snap ring is on inboard joint spindle. Reinspect the old shaft against the new shaft, overall length should be the same. If everything is o.k. look at the frame for any physical signs of the vehicle having been in an accident. Check motor and transmission mounts to be sure they are still good. Both broken motor mounts or bent frame will give us the impression that the axles are shorter or longer than originally engineered.

Vibration noise coming from the axle shaft

Vibration noise is normally an inboard problem. It can be caused by a bent shaft, broken inboard housing, or component parts inside inboard housing. It can be caused by also by defective rim or tire. Many times a customer will replace one axle when a car has broken motor mounts or bent frame because that side is looking to be longer the other side is looking to be shorter. In this case you must solve first the other problem, and after replace the two shafts.

Many people believe that replacing the outboard end will solve the problem with the axle shaft

Sometimes it is true. but its not worth it considering the cost of labour, the warranty etc… Replacing a full shaft, will be much cheaper. Many times is not true.  Keep in mind that while the damage occur faster in the outboard joint, damage is still occurring in the inboard joint   

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